Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Confusing Words


The meaning of approve changes when you add the preposition of to make approve of. Approve by itself means 'sanction' or 'endorse' as in these two examples. In the first, an accountant is speaking, and in the second, a university admissions tutor.

  • 'I cannot approve the reimbursement because you haven't given me the receipts for your expenditure.'
  • 'I cannot approve your application to study law because you do not have the relevant qualifications.'

If you approve of something, then you consider it to be good or you agree with it. Consider:

  • 'I don't approve of smoking in restaurants because it is so upsetting usually for non-smokers.'
  • 'Why don't you approve of my friends? They are all good upright people.'

    ngoại động từ
    chấp thuận; phê chuẩn; phê duyệt; chuẩn y
    that peace treaty has been approved by the national assembly
    hoà ước ấy đã được sự phê chuẩn của quốc hội
    the auditors approved the company's accounts
    các kiểm định viên đã chấp thuận các chứng từ thanh toán của công ty
    chứng tỏ; tỏ ra
    to approve one's valour
    chứng tỏ lòng can đảm
    he approved himself to be a good pianist
    anh ta tỏ ra là một người chơi pianô giỏi
    nội động từ
    ( to approve of somebody / something) tán thành; ưng thuận; bằng lòng
    to approve of the proposal
    tán thành lời đề nghị
    Lan doesn't want to take her new boyfriend home in case her parents don't approve of him
    Lan không muốn đưa anh bạn mới quen về nhà nếu bố mẹ không ưng thuận anh ta


Be Con Tinh Nghich said...


Be Con Tinh Nghich said...

'I don't approve of smoking in public places because it is so upsetting usually for non-smokers.' Hehe! :) haha!

Phương said...

I support "be con tinh nghich".
Do you agree with us? ^_^
Good Weekend to our teacher.

meomatbu87 said...

Our teacher is a smoking person,isn't he?