Friday, June 1, 2007



The list of some silent letters:

- Mb at the end of a word (silent b), e.g. comb, lamb, climb.
- Sc at the beginning of a word followed by 'e' or 'i', (silent c), e.g. scene, scent, science, scissors (except for the word 'sceptic' and its derivations!).
- Kn (silent k), e.g. knife, knock, know.
- Mn at the end of a word (silent n), e.g. damn, autumn, column
- Ps at the beginning of a word (silent p), e.g. psalm, psychiatry, psychology
- Ght (silent gh), e.g. night, ought, taught
- Gn at the beginning of a word (silent g), e.g. gnome, gnaw, gnu
- Bt (silent b), e.g. debt, doubtful, subtle (but not in some words, e.g. 'obtain', 'unobtrusive'!)

The letter H is silent in the following situations:

- At the end of word preceded by a vowel, e.g. cheetah, Sarah, messiah;
- Between two vowels, e.g. annihilate, vehement, vehicle
- After the letter 'r', e.g. rhyme, rhubarb, rhythm
- After the letters 'ex', e.g. exhausting, exhibition, exhort.


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