Saturday, June 9, 2007

Confusing Words



There are many idiomatic pairs like these usually with the linking word of and in English. There are pairs of adverbs, pairs of nouns and identical/prepositional pairs.


Here are some common idiomatic pairs in English: peace and quiet, body and soul, life and limb, grin and bear it, bow and scrape, rant and rave

- It's impossible to get any peace and quiet in this house with you two arguing all the time.

- She puts body and soul into her work with the girl guides. She is an inspired leader.

- You'll risk life and limb if you decide to go white-water rafting after such heavy rainfall.

- I know this hotel isn't very good, but all the better accommodation is taken, so we'll just have to grin and bear it.

- I've asked him politely already. Surely he doesn't want me to bow and scrape.

- He was ranting and raving about the price of everything in Britain. Why doesn't he go and live abroad, if he's unhappy?

- peace and quiet = a period of quiet and calm, often with: have/get/enjoy some

- body and soul = physical and mental eneNumbered Listrgy, as in: put body and soul into

- life and limb = risk death or serious injury, as in: risk life and limb

- grin and bear it = put up with something unpleasant because it cannot be changed

- bow and scrape = show too much respect to someone

- rant and rave = protest or complain in a loud and excited manner


banhbaokepthit said...

Thay giup em dich sang tieng Viet cac idiomatic pairs sau nha thay:
_life and limb
_bow and scrape

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

1. Thaot hiem trong duong to ke toc; suyt chet.

2. nguyen rua

banhbaokepthit said...

Cam on thay. Cuoi cung thi em da hieu. Hìhì

gauq5 said...

could you tell me what the difference between 'tell','say',and 'speak'?thanks

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