Friday, June 15, 2007

Avoiding Your Mistakes


Wrong: It's seven twenty o'clock.
Right:It's seven twenty.

Wrong: Your coat is broken.
Right:Your coat is torn.

Wrong: Susan didn't make a fault anyway.
Right: Susan didn't make a mistake anyway.

Wrong: Would you mind posting this letter for me ? Yes, certainly.
Right:Would you mind mailing this letter for me ? Of course not. OR ( Not at all )

Wrong: He becomes better.
Right:He got better.

Wrong: We'll have a hearing test tomorrow.
Right:We'll have a listening test tomorow.

Wrong: I recommend you to take a long vacation.
Right:I recommend that you take a long vacation.

Wrong: The last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's about eleven now, Hurry up!
Right: The last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's nearly ( almost ) eleven now, Hurry up!

Wrong: It was still bright outside.
Right: It was still light outside.


Anonymous said...

Dear teacher!
My friend wants to study English at Youth Foreign Language School and my friend just wants to speak English well.What kind of courses do you teach English for the beginner?(my friend has just got level B English but never studied Speaking English class).
Could you show me the informations and class's shift of this class that you're teaching.
Thanks for your helping.
Bye, bye teacher

banhbaokepthit said...

Hello teacher! Could you tell me differences between "fault" and "mistake"?

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

i have no class for beginners, but there are a lot here. Come to school and ask the receptionist. I just teach inter- and advanced level. Thanks

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

- mistake: do bat can gay ra

- fault: loi do khong hieu biet, thieu kien thuc.

banhbaokepthit said...

Thank you very much, teacher!

QuocHuong.NguyenThuy said...

(thấy ai ở trên hỏi bắt chước hỏi theo)
Dear teacher!
I am a beginner, too. But I really want to take part in your class! So , could you show me the class which I can join? Híhí! Hehe!

le van huy said...

Xin chỉ cho tôi nghĩa của câu sau:
I don't know what she sees in him.