Friday, May 25, 2007

Function of English


There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common:

- Could you tell me...?
- Do you know...?
- Do you happen to know...?
- I'd like to know...
- Could you find out...?
- I'm interested in...
- I'm looking for..


- Could you tell me when the next train leaves?
- Do you know how much this shirt costs?
- Do you happen to know where Anna lives?
- I'd like to know what you think about my presentation.
- Could you find out when she is going to arrive?
- I'm interested in finding a suitable course.
- I'm looking for my girl friend. Do you happen to know where she is?

These two forms are used for asking for information on the telephone:

- I'm calling to find out...
- I'm calling about...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your everything that you do for your students.Yesterday was a happy day to me because i had been increased my salary. Thanks to your teaching that i can use English in my job and i feel more self-confident when i speak or listen to English with my manager although it still isn't good but better than before. So, anyway i think it's one of the reason that my salary has been put up. Oh! i really want to say thank you very much and i need to study hard.
Bye, bye teacher!

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Happy to hear that. More success.

angelaque said...

teacher ,i see yr way of teaching's so good .But ,i'd prefer u to speak ENGLISH in class all the time except the case that after u say 2 times we still don't know what u mean ,u 'll translate for us .Because,as u say ,we shouldn't let vietnamese affect on speaking english.Moreover ,i see yr speed of speaking is not so fast for us to understand.yr speaking's reasonable and easy to listen .I think so