Friday, November 2, 2007

Speaking Practice


- Dating practices vary from culture to culture: ways of dating are different from country to country.
- People date for a period of time to see if they are compatible.
- There are three typical kinds of date: going out on group dates with a number of friends, going on blind dates (going out with a person that you've never met), and going with your only partner.
- Be careful when dating because people sometimes don't show their true colors on the first, second, or fifteenth date.
- It's difficult to get to know someone through email or online.


Why do you date?
Where do you want to have dates?
Why do you choose such places?
What should you do at the first date?


meomatbu87 said...

hey,everybody...Is dating necessary for us to understand each other?What we often do at the date?Express emotion or try to understand each other by exchange infomation about everything...?Which one is more effective?

Be Con Tinh Nghich said...

I love this sentence"Be careful when dating because people sometimes don't show their true colors on the first, second, or fifteenth date". Can you share with me your experiences, Sir? Tell me the truth! Did you show your true colors on dating? :) "_"
To me, if they were not true on the first they, they would tell a lie for a long time---> Everything we know about them is not true--->We can not understand them--->He/She is not good person--->Say "goodbye" easily when we know the truth.(cai kim trong boc co ngay loi ra! hehe!Noi gion thui chu tuy truong hop chu Thay nhi)
4questions seems difficult. It is useful for whose want to make a date rightnow. keke

Be Con Tinh Nghich said...

i lon"for who"

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

You can do what you like according to your character.

Be Con Tinh Nghich said...

I will say nothing and do nothing. Just stay there and feel and hear my heart! Haha! That is just joking...
1/Yes. Dating is a good chance to understand each other.
2/The same thing for any dating make us feel boring easily. Ask this question before each time you go out with your bf.
3/Mr.Hong Anh answered the question.


And... I am innocent baby. I have not got any dating experience.(chu ko Thay lai noi con nit quy thi oan cho Becon lem) Haha

Anonymous said...

Dear teacher, thank for ur sentence" Be careful when dating because poeple sometimes don't show their true colors on the first..," Our teacher wants to warn anyone, who easily believe in sweet words.
@Becon, If a person fall in true love with some one, he will show his true colors.

Anonymous said...

How about the man who tell lie with the girl bacause he scare the girl don't love him...Example,age,married status?Although,his feeling and color he showed is true...

meomatbu87 said...

Every one,do u belive in love without balance in age,in social posision...They can keep the true love,can't they?

Anonymous said...

Love and time are good answers. Because of true love that person can overcome his troubles. Don't believe in a person who always tell lie because of any reason.