Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Grammar Review

With countable nouns

another + singular nouns
Ex: another pencil
other + plural nouns
Ex: other pencils = some more.
· the other + plural nouns: the last ones or people
Ex: the other pencils = all remaining pencils

With uncountable nouns

· the other + singular nouns = the last one (in a group)
· other + uncount nouns = some more

Ex: other water = some more water.
other beer = some more beer.
· the other + uncountable nouns = the remaining or left

Ex: The other beer = the remaining beer.

Another and other are indefinite, while the other is definite. Another and other can be used as pronouns
Ex: I don’t want this book. Please give me another.

- A plural noun can be replaced by (other + nouns or others). Don’t use (others + countable nouns).

- We can use another one, the other one and other ones.


Anonymous said...

Thay oi, chu gi ma doc khong duoc

Anonymous said...

Thay oi con font chu nao lon hon nua khong?

Be Con Tinh Nghich said...

Okie. Thank u very much. You always make me suprise Hihi. :p

Anonymous said...

Share with me your feeling!

Anonymous said...

Day cung la mot link nhac hay. Ban co the chon 20 bai hat ban yeu thich de nghe.

meomatbu87 said...

I couldn't understand all...Sorry.It's not easy to study by myself...

Anonymous said...

english is complicated(like frech)hehe

Trinh said...

Thầy ơi, Thầy giải thích giúp em trường hợp này với. Theo ví dụ dưới thì ANOTHER có thể sử dụng với plural nouns

Oh my gosh! I wet my pants! I just needed _ANOTHER__ five minutes.

Em cảm ơn Thầy
Chúc Thầy luôn vui khỏe

Tùy Phong said...

How are you today?
Well, can you tell me the difference between "compare to" and "compare with".
For example, "Comparing with other countries, Libya spends a high percentage of income on education" is it right?
Thanks for reading.