Friday, October 4, 2013


TOPIC 33: 

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Written by Ms Diễm from Writing Class at ANH NGỮ TẠI GIA

Nobody can deny the fact that money plays an important part in our lives. If I am asked whether I spend money or save it when I can earn it myself, I will answer that I will keep it for some time in the future because of higher education, a comfortable life, and sudden situation.

Firstly, I want to save money for higher education. Knowledge is unlimited, so I always love to learn more and more things. If I have no money, I can not be well-equipped with things that help my study better, and they are not cheap at all. When I grow up, I must do all things by myself without help or support from my family. Therefore, all things I have to do to get higher education is trying to save money as much as I can.

Secondly, saving money can bring me a comfortable life in the future. I think that everyone agreeS with me that money is so important because it can give us a nice house, fashionable clothes, and a luxurious car. In addition, in the future, I must prepare carefully for getting married, which quires lots of money. Moreover, having children makes me worry about their future, so I need money to give them good conditionS or chances to learn at excellent schools.

Last but not least, one more thing I think it IS really important to save money is that I can not foresee what will happen to me and my family in the future. Getting an unexpected illness when I do not have money makes me face difficult situations. As a result, money is a good solution in this case. Next, with my savings, I can help my brothers or sisters when they get sudden problems about money by giving them some money. Moreover, when I become old, I do not want to depend on my children economically. This makes me really pleasant in my old age.

In conclusion, earning money by myself is very difficult for now. Therefore, saving money is a necessary thing that I need to do. Besides, I do not want to spend my money carelessly. All things I have to do is preparing for what I have mentioned above.

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