Saturday, April 2, 2011

Confusing Words

IN / ON / AT


in is used with:

years in 1998

centuries in the 19th century

parts of the day (exc.: at night) in the morning

decades in the 1990s

seasons in summer

months in October


on is used with:

dates on January 1, on May 2, 2004

days of the week on Monday, on Sunday evening

“special days” on my birthday, on Christmas Day


at is used with:

times at 7:00, at midnight (12:00)

holidays at Christmas, at Easter


no preposition is used with expressions with:

ago one year ago

tonight, this morning, this afternoon, etc. I'm going to see a movie tonight

tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, etc. See you tomorrow

yesterday, yesterday morning, etc. I didn't go to school yesterday

Expressions with last or next I was in Japan last year

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