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There are many English expressions for saying good-bye, ranging from informal to formal ones.

· Simple Good-byes

o Bye.

o Good-bye.

o Bye for now.

o See you later.

Talk to you soon.

o See you around. Take care.

o See you real soon.

o See you tomorrow / next week.

o See ya. (informal)

o See you later, alligator. (slang)

· More Formal Good-byes

o (It was) nice to see you. Good-bye.

o (It was) good to see you. Good-bye.

o (It was) nice talking to you. Bye.

o Take care. See you again.

· Saying Goodbye to Someone You Have Just Met

o Nice meeting you.

o It was a pleasure meeting you. (formal)

o It's a real pleasure to have met you. (formal)

o It's been a real pleasure. (formal)


Situation 1:

Ngan was shopping with Hng at a bookstore where she ran into Nga (met Ichiro by chance). They hadn't seen each other for a while.

Ngan: Hey! What a surprise to see you here!

Nga: Yeah! Haven't seen you in ages! How've you been?

Ngan: Fine. How about you?

Nga: Well, just plugging along.

Ngan: Oh, have you two met?

Nga: I don't think so.

Ngan: Hung, this is Nga. Nga, Hung.

Nga: Nice to meet you.

Hung: Same here.

(They chatted for a while)

Nga: Listen, I gotta go. It was nice seeing you again, Ngan.

Ngan: Nice seeing you, too. Let's get together again soon.

Nga: Yes. Let's do that. Nice talking to you, Hung. Take care.

Hung: Nice meeting you, Nga. See you.

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