Sunday, August 30, 2009


There are a large number of idiomatic expressions in English refering to various parts of the body. To day, we are going to learn some.

foot, feet, leg

Here are some sentences with expressions involving leg(s), foot and feet.

  • He hardly ever puts a foot wrong. He never seems to make any mistakes.
  • My feet hardly touched the ground. I was so busy.
  • They have really fallen on their feet. They inherited a lot of money and bought a lovely holiday house in the Bahamas.
  • He hasn't got a leg to stand on. What he did was quite wrong and cannot be excused.
  • Come on, shake a leg. We haven't got all day. We've got to finish this by lunchtime.
  • He started off on the wrong foot by arriving late on his first day at work.
  • The first leg of the journey was from Paris to Barcelona. The second leg was from Barcelona to Rabat.
  • I like to put my feet up after a hard day's work and spend the entire evening relaxing.

You will have to put your foot down. It's about time he learnt that he cannot have everything he wants.

brain, mind, head

Here are nine more sentences with expressions which this time involve brain, mind and head.

  • It was a really tricky mathematical problem that none of us could solve, but then I suddenly had a brainwave.
  • I really can't get my head round this. It's too complicated for me to understand.
  • I forgot to phone you last night. I'm sorry. It slipped my mind.
  • I hadn't eaten all day and the champagne went straight to my head.
  • I have an open mind about mixed marriages. There's no reason at all why they shouldn't work.
  • He had set his mind on going to Australia to study and nothing was going to stop him.
  • There is a real brain drain from England now. All our top scientists, engineers and academics are moving overseas to work.
  • She managed to keep her head even though everyone else was panicking.


Anonymous said...

Good morning mr Hong Anh! I have a question: How to say "Vậy nha"/"Như vậy đi ha" in English, please? (Sorry I don't know where to put my question, so I leave it here):) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear myteacher,
a nice day !
Pls help me correct the following sentence. ( i am not sure if the position of the word "APPEARED" in the sentence is correct or not )

" so that Pho Vuong has not a long time APPEARED but its name becomes more friendly with many Hanoian"

pls show me if APPEARED should be placed after HAS NOT OR after A LONG TIME.

Thank you, teacher !

Nhuy Thao( said...

Hi my teacher,
Remember your old student? Nhuy Thao? Maybe not! But I just pass by to say thanks to you for all your helpful entries! I can use it here!
See you someday

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

- Is that so?

- Dung la "for a long time", Vi tri thi ok roi, nhung nguoi ta thong viet sau APPEAR.

- I still remmember you "Nhuy Thao"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to My Teacher.

arundinacaespitosa said...

Dear Mr. Hong Anh,
In Vietnamese there are "từ đơn","từ ghép","từ láy","từ phái sinh"
So, how to translate them into English? từ đơn: single word, từ ghép: compound word,are they right? How about từ láy, từ phái sinh?
Could you give some examples of "từ láy" in English?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

- repeatead word
- lam gi co tu phat sinh. Do la "New word", hay "potential word"

Anonymous said...

Dear teacher,

far and much can be used in the comparative form. But I don't know when we should use "much" and when we should use "far". Would you help me?

Nguyen Vu said...

Em là Vũ học suất 3-5-7 7h30 tối , thấy cho em hỏi thứ 5 đến sẽ học bái speaking nào ? và chủ đề public là bài nào ? thứ 3 rồi em nghỉ nên ko biết
em cảm ơn thấy

Anonymous said...

Con cảm ơn thầy, vì tất cả những gì thầy đã tận tình chỉ bảo cho chúng con trong thời gian qua. Hôm nay, con xin chúc thầy có một ngày 20-11 tràn đầy niềm vui và hạnh phúc!

Hoai Thu Huynh Thi

Anonymous said...

Happy teacher's day!
I wish u are always healthy so that u can keep teaching us.
Many happy returns! Thanks so much for what u did.

Ha My

Anonymous said...

Kính gửi thầy!

Nhân ngày 20/11 em xin chúc thầy sức khỏe dồi dào, luôn luôn vui vẻ và đào tạo được ngày càng nhiều trò giỏi.

Chúc thầy một ngày thật vui, nhận được nhiều hoa và quà nhé.

Anonymous said...

Thay oi,

Nhan ngay Hien Chuong Nha Giao 20-11, em xin chuc thay va gia dinh that nhieu suc khoe, an vui va hanh phuc.

Nhat la thay luon mai la nguoi thay quy men va co duoc nhieu niem vui trong “su nghiep trong nguoi”.

Happy Teacher ‘s Day ! ! !

Hoc tro rat xa xua cua Thay

Vo Thi Nhu Uyen

Anonymous said...

Thay Hong Anh kinh men,

Thay co khoe khong a?!

Hom nay la ngay nha giao Viet Nam, em kinh chuc thay nhieu suc khoe, hanh phuc va thanh cong!

Kinh men,

Best regards,

Le Nguy Huynh Anh From Korea

Anonymous said...


"Spelling teacher quietly go about early lunch.

Each drop of sweat fall blur on paper.

For children up to the shores of dream,

Then in May river monsoon

Branches still sparkling white flowers in the old garden.

Teacher is quietly going on under the rain.

Life on the line every peaceful drift forever.

Afternoon on the street how to welcome,

River winds away now rain,

Who still remember, who forgot the old boat ...

Despite years inadvertently drift forever,

Have or how the leaves fall season.

Teacher was like as thousands of sun rays,

Cent step child in life.

Still remember when the rain falls,

Still the old dress sometimes as husband,

Teacher is away, quietly sad happy.

Despite years inadvertently drift forever,

Green hair is now fading.

Teacher still standing in the school yard he,

Watch as they step in life.

Even if I count all sky tonight,

Even if counting all the leaves fall down,

But thousands of years,

How do you count all the teacher thanks .."




Anonymous said...

Con chào Thầy;

Thầy ơi, thầy khỏe không Thầy? Coi xem hình chụp hình Thầy cùng với các anh chi và các bạn làm con thấy "jealous" quá. Con cũng ước gì mình được tham gia cùng cả nhà.

Nhân ngày nhà giáo Việt Nam, con mong Thầy và gia đình dồi dào sức khỏe, hạnh phúc và con kính chúc Thầy luôn thành công trên con đường sự nghiệp trồng người của mình.


Tú Linh form America

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anh,
After hard days. Today is a teacher’s day, Mr Anh has a off day. Wow..happy
I think you was very tired to prepare the musical show celebrating teacher’s day and the show was very successful. Congratulation! you are winer exactly.
In teacher’s day,I wish you are more healthy, always funny, lucky, happy and successful on your teaching street. More and more you’ll have interesting study hours to help us improve English skill. Hihi, I wish you’ll earn a lot of money to have a new micro.(^_^)
A happy teacher’s day

Your student,

Anonymous said...

I'm a student in your class.When i learn with you,my English skills have improved.
Thank u for all thing
In 20/11, i congratulate you always strong,healthy,happy and more and more students are studied with you

hai quan

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Thank you for all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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