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I'm moving into a new home this weekend, so I decided to do some shopping to furnish the place. I went to an appliance store not too far from my house, and I first bought a refrigerator for the kitchen. You really can't live without one because you have to keep your food cold or frozen so it doesn't spoil. Then, I bought a washer and dryer to clean and dry my clothes. I don't want to go to a laundromat to do this every week like I
used to do. Next, I bought a dishwasher. I probably don't need one because I could wash my dishes by hand, but having a dishwasher can make life easier. You simply put the dishes inside, add some dishwashing detergent, and turn the machine on. Finally, I picked up a microwave oven. If I'm in a hurry and don't have time to cook, I can throw something in the microwave and (9) heat it up quickly. I haven't purchased everything I need to furnish my new place, but I think I have the (10) basic appliances to make life more comfortable for now.

I. Listen and fill in the blanks

Some of the world's most powerful leaders, along with their finance chiefs are meeting at London's ExCel Center to try to forge common ground on tackling (di den diem chung ve viec giai quyet)the world's economic crisis. . What they are hoping to do is to come up with a coordinated plan to ease the recession (tinh trang suy thoai), get their economies back on track and put in place regulatory measures to try to prevent similar crises in future. Indications are the
re will be no agreement on more stimulus packages, general agreement on free trade and against protectionism, (cs bao ho) agreement on more money for the International Monetary Fund, and there is likely to be some agreement on greater regulation.Economist Gianluca Benigno of the London School of Economics says cracking down on tax havens should not be an immediate concern."If you want to find a scapegoat you can, (nguoi ganh chiu) but that is not the main issue on which you want to focus. If you want to focus on that for populist reasons, that is another matter."

II. Listen and dictate

1. There is a good deal of popular anger at bankers and traders who are widely seen as having taken too many risks with other people's money and at the wealthy, who stand accused of using tax havens to shelter (bao ve) their money.
2. So, cracking down (xu ly) on them is generally popular, But many economists say the bigger issues to worry about include bad bank debt and lack of liquidity. (kha nang thanh toan bang tien mat)
3. The United States and Britain wanted to see other governments plow more funds into their economies as stimulus.
4. But, strong opposition came from many countries, especially Germany and France in fear of increasing the debt burden.
5. Most European nations instead want tougher regulation on the banking and finance sectors.
6. Analysts say that even if the G20 leaders do not agree on all points, it is crucial tha
t they send a message to the public and to jittery markets (thi truong bien dong) that they understand the gravity (tram tromng) of the crisis and that they are committed to working together to try to resolve it.

Unit 3: BANKS

I. Listen and answer the questions

Yesterday, I went to a bank to open up a savings and checking account.
I deposit about $300 every month in my savings account to save money for major pu
rchases or for a rainy day when I have unexpected expenses.
My paycheck is deposited directly into my checking account,
and I write out checks to pay my bills.
My checking account is free if I maintain a minimum balance of $25 in the account.
I also have about $100 automatically transferred from my checking to my savings account on a monthly basis.
The accounts earn very little interest, but it's better than earning nothing.

II. Listen and dictatte

Therefore, I also have a certificate of deposit that earns a higher rate of interest,
but I can't withdraw the money from the account for one year.
Actually, I need money because I'm planning on taking out a student loan to pay for college tuition.
Also, I rent a safety deposit box at the bank and store my valuables there including important documents, some coins and jewelry, and the deed (van ban quan trong, chung thu), or ownership record, to my house.
Finally, I can exchange my money into the currency of other countries,
or I can buy traveller's checks before I depart on a trip.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

The new school semester just started, and I need some supplies for my classes. First, I have to buy six textbooks, but they are so expensive, so I might buy the textbooks online if they are available. I also need to pick up a good dictionary and thesaurus to help me improve my writing in my English classes. I also have to read three novels. For my math and physics classes, I need a calculator, and I have to buy several notebooks and 3-ring binders to organize my homework and assignments. I also will buy some color pens and a yellow highlighter to mark important points in my textbooks. However, if my textbooks are in good condition at the end of the semester, I might be able to return them for a partial refund.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

During the summer, I spend a lot of time (1) camping in the mountains near my house. It's a great way to spend time with family. I usually (2) reserve a campsite at a campground in the canyon, but you can try your luck without a campsite reservation and hope you can find a (3) non-reservable site that is available on (4) a first-come, first-serve basis. In most cases, we look for a campsite that has a lot of (5) shade from the sun, is near a water source, has a good fire pit, and has a good (6) spot to pitch a tent. Once we select a site, we unload our gear from the car, set up our tent, and start a fire to prepare dinner. Building a fire isn't difficult if you have the (7) right tinder and wood to get it going. After dinner, we sometimes (8) sit around the fire and tell stories or sing songs. Before we go to bed, we make sure to (9) put out the fire and put away any food and garbage left out. Otherwise, animals (10) including bear might stop and visit our campsite during the night.
Canyon: hem nui
Gear: do dat
Tinder: bui nhui


I. Listen and answer the questions

One of my favorite places to shop is a discount clothing store in my town.
The store sells both new and used clothing,
but everything is in good condition,
and the prices are unbeatable.
All of the clothing is hanging on racks for you to see, and there are sections for children, men, and women's clothing.
If you find something you like, you can try it on in the dressing room.
If it doesn't fit, or you don't like the way it looks on you (e.g., it's too tight or baggy on you), then you can just return it to the rack.

II. Listen and dictate

A price tag on the clothing indicates its price, but if you find a flaw in the clothing, you might be able to receive an additional discount.
The store will also alter your clothing for a small fee.
Once you've decided on the items you want, you can purchase everything at the checkout counter.
The store accepts cash, debit and credit cards, and personal checks.
If you decide later that you want to return something, you have two weeks to return it to the store, with the receipt, for a full refund or store credit.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

Americans use the term / "college students" / to mean students / either in colleges or universities. Not only that, Americans almost never say, "going off to university" or "when I was in university." That sounds British. Instead, they say "going off to college" and "when I was in college."

College, university: what's the difference? We answer that this week in part three of our Foreign Student Series on American higher education.

Colleges and universities have many things in common. Both offer undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences, for example. And both can help prepare young people to (7) earn a living.

But many colleges do not offer graduate studies. Another difference is that universities are generally bigger. They offer more programs and do more research.

II. Listen and answering the questions

1. Another place of higher education, especially in technical areas, is an institute, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2. Yet even an institute of technology / can offer a wide choice of programs and activities.
3. M.I.T. says / that seventy-five percent of freshmen / come there with a strong interest and involvement in the arts.
4. Modern universities developed / from those of Europe in the Middle Ages.
5. The word "university" / came from the Latin universitas, describing a group of people / organized for a common purpose.
6. "College" came from collegium, a Latin word with a similar meaning.
7. In England, colleges were formed / to provide students with places to live.
8. Usually each group / was studying the same thing.
9. So college came to mean an area of study.

III. Listen and dictate

1. The first American universities divided their studies into a number of areas and called each one a college.
2. This is still true.
3. A college can also be a part of a university.
4. For example, Harvard College is the undergraduate part of Harvard University.
5. Programs in higher learning can also be called schools, like a school of engineering or a medical school within a college or university.
6. You know, learning all these terms is an education in itself.
7. We invite your questions for our Foreign Student Series.
8. We cannot offer any personal advice or assistance.
9. But we might be able to answer a general question during our series.
10. Be sure to tell us your name and where you are.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

My wife and I went on a cruise vacation this summer, and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. Because there are many cruise travel destinations and cruise packages, we first contacted a cruise travel agent who supplied us with a lot of information and travel tips about the whole cruise experience. He told us that cruise lines cater to different crowds, including singles, honeymooners, and families, and each cruise provides different activities and facilities on ship. Because we were going on our honeymoon, we steered away from a family cruise and choose one geared just for people like us.

II. Listen and dictate

  1. I was a little worried that we would spend all our time on ship,
  2. but the cruise agent said that cruise vacations often offer land and shore excursions where you can get off the ship and explore the different lands and cultures during your vacation.
  3. Before deciding on the cruise package, the cruise agent suggested that we plan our trip during a favorable time of year in terms of price and weather.
  4. The price of a cruise is less in the off season (fall and spring),
  5. but the fall is hurricane season in the Caribbean,
  6. so this is something to consider.
  7. In the end, proper planning helped us have a wonderful cruise experience.


Last week, I went to a flower shop / to buy some flowers for several occasions. When I went into the flower shop, I was surprised at the wide variety of flowers / from which to choose. The florist told me that she could arrange beautiful bouquets of flowers / for just about any event. For starters, I ordered some roses for wife's birthday, and I asked the florist to deliver them, along with a balloon and a birthday card. I was also planning to attend the funeral of a dear friend, so I also ordered a floral arrangement / to express my condolences to the family. Finally, I bought some nice cut flowers for my mom / who has been ill recently, and I wanted to cheer her up. I delivered them myself along with a get-well card. The florist told me that the shop had their own Website, so I might order flowers online next time.

1. bouquet = bundle: bó (hoa)

2. condolence = sympathy

3. to cheer s.o up = to make s.o happy

4. get-well = encourageous


I: Listen and dictate

  1. I go to a health club two or three times a week to stay in shape and stay fit.
  2. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I run several miles on a treadmill and then cool down by walking around the indoor track. (máy tập chạy bộ)
  3. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I lift weights and discuss nutrition with my personal trainer.
  4. On Fridays, I play racket-ball with a friend and then relax in the jacuzzi for a few minutes to relax my muscles.
  5. On Saturdays, I do aerobics to improve my cardiovascular fitness. (tim mạch)
  6. Exercise also lets me burn off stress from work.
  7. On Sundays, I take a day off from exercising,
  8. But I might take a stroll around the park with my dog. ( go for a walk)

Unit 11: HIGHWAY

I. Listen and fill in the blanks

I sometimes drive to work in the morning. I get on the highway near my house at Exit 219, (1) heading southbound toward downtown. The three-lane highway is often (2) congested that time of morning, but I use the (3) carpool lane that's reserved for cars with two or more passengers. I usually travel with a colleague to work. If I'm traveling to work by myself, then I usually stay (4) in the right lane unless I'm passing another vehicle. I always drive the (5) speed limit because I don't want to (6) get pulled over for speeding. Furthermore, it's much safer to drive the speed limit than to speed and (7) cause an accident. I also make sure I use my (8) turn signals as I change lanes, and I (9) maintain a safe distance behind the car in front of me. Once you reach the city, the traffic slows, and you often have to (10) drive bumper-to-bumper for a few miles. I get off the highway downtown. If you haven't driven this (11) stretch of highway before, I suggest you buy a road map to help you (12) navigate yourself around town.

Sounthbound: vành đai phía Nam

Carpool: xe hơi dung chung

Stretch : coninueousness


I. Listen and answer the questions

  1. Last week, I suddenly became really sick,
  2. and I was feeling a great deal of pain in my side,
  3. so my father rushed me to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.
  4. I started feeling a strong pain in my side,
  5. and there wasn't any sign that I was getting better.
  6. We didn't feel that we needed to call an ambulance because we lived so close to the hospital.
  7. When we arrived, my dad helped me into the emergency room,
  8. and the doctor on duty realized I had appendicitis.
  9. I was quickly admitted to the hospital.
  10. A nurse took my vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, and pulse) while my dad filled out all the necessary paperwork.

Appendicitis: ruột thừa

II. Listen and dictate

  1. Soon thereafter, I was prepared for emergency surgery.
  2. The surgery didn't last that long, but I felt sore afterwards.
  3. I was released the following day from the hospital,
  4. and I was back on my feet in a couple of days.
  5. No one likes to visit a hospital, but I'm glad we have them.
  6. Having good health insurance is also extremely important because medical costs are so expensive.
  7. This is particularly true for international students who are traveling abroad.


We answer some questions this week in our series on getting into an American college or university.

I. Listen and fill in the blanks

The first question has to do with our (1) recent discussion of English language tests. Vo Ngoc Toan from Vietnam would like to know about the TOEIC—(2) the Test of English for International Communication.

This test is designed to (3) measure skills in English as spoken in the workplace. People may be required to take it if they (4) apply for jobs with companies or other employers. But TOEIC scores are not used (5) for college admission in the United States.

The (6) Educational Testing Service administers the TOEIC. It says the test measures the language skills of people (7) working in an international environment.

American colleges and universities accept scores from the (8) TOEFL and often the IELTS. If you missed our report on these tests, you can find it at our Web site, Click on (9) Foreign Student Series.

II. Listen and answer the questions

1. Tahir Mahmood from Pakistan asks how to improve his English before taking these kinds of tests.

2. Well, you can start by looking for ways to use English as much as you can.

3. Watch American movies and TV shows

4. and read books in English.

5. Look for English speakers to talk to.

6. The Internet has a lot of free resources for English learners.

7. Visitors to, for example, can read, listen to and watch programs on many different subjects.

8. The United States Department of Education recently launched a free Web site designed to help immigrants learn English.

9. The site is called USA Learns.

10. The address is u-s-a-l-e-a-r-n-s.o-r-g.

III. Listen and dictate

1. Next, a question from Turkey: Hasan Eker asks about getting a postdoctoral position in the United States.

2. This is work generally done by a person who recently earned a PhD, or doctor of philosophy degree.

3. The National Postdoctoral Association in Washington, D.C., has information about international postdocs on its Web site.

4. That address is nationalpostdoc -- all one word -- dot org.

5. And, finally, we have questions from Iran, Afghanistan and Indonesia about how to pay for an education through loans or jobs.

6. There are rules that restrict the kinds of jobs that foreign students can have while studying in the United States.

7. But stay tuned.

8. In the next few weeks, we will discuss financial aid as we talk about the costs of an American education.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

Because my apartment doesn't have a (1) washer and dryer, I go once a week to a laundromat down the street. Throughout the week, I (2) throw my dirty clothes in a clothes hamper in my room, and then (3) haul that down to the laundromat. Because the place has (4) coin-operated machines, I have to make sure I have plenty of change. I (5) separate the whites from the darks and wash them in separate machines---unless I want (6) pink dress shirts. This happened when I accidently washed my dress shirts with my sister's pink shirts. Not a good idea at all. I add the right (7) amount of laundry detergent and bleach as needed, with a little (8) fabric softener. After the wash is finished, I put the clothes in a dryer. While the washer and dryer are going, I usually read a book or magazine to (9) pass the time. When the clothes are done drying, I (10) fold them---usually---and then take the finished laundry home. Finally, I put my clothes away in my (11) dresser or closet. Washing and drying clothes isn't the (12) most exciting chore, but it has to be done.

Bleach: chất tẩy

Unit 15: LIBRARY

I. Listen and answer the questions

  1. Recently, I needed to find a book for one of my classes at the university,
  2. but I didn't know if the university library had it in their collection,
  3. so I went to the library Website and searched for the book online.
  4. You can search the library database either by subject, title, and author,
  5. and the Website will tell you if the book is checked in or check out by another patron.
  6. In my case, the book was still available, so I went to the library the next day and found it on the shelves using the library catalog number.
  7. I then went to the circulation desk and checked the book out using my university ID card.

II. Listen and dictate

  1. In most cases, students and faculty can check out books for up to one month,
  2. and you can renew them if you still want to hang on to them.
  3. If you return them after that, then they are overdue,
  4. and you have to pay a late fee.
  5. If you lose a book, then you have to pay to cost to replace it.
  6. I often use the library and check out books instead of buying them if I can.
  7. Borrowing books can save you money in the long run.

Unit 16: MOVIE

I. Listen and fill in the blanks

I really enjoy (1) going to the movies with my friends most weekends. I usually (2) check the movie listings in the newspaper or online to see what is playing. I also check the movie reviews because I don't want to see a bad movie. I like to arrive early at the movie theater so we don't have to (3) stand in line too long to buy tickets. Sometimes, the movie we want to see is (4) sold out, so we might buy a ticket for (5) a later showing. Once in the theater, I sometimes buy popcorn and a drink at the (6) concession stand. The prices are sometimes high, but I like (7) munching on something during a movie. I hand my ticket to the (8) movie usher before entering the movie theater. I usually like to sit in (9) an aisle seat somewhere in the middle of the theater. I think you can see the movie better instead of (10) straining your neck back if you are unfortunate enough to sit in the (11) front few rows. One thing I don't like is when other patrons or people (12) talk during the movie, put their feet up on the back of my seat, or bring crying babies to the theater. Everyone should be able to enjoy the movie.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

We answer questions from two students this week / in part five of our (1) Foreign Student Series on American higher education.

Sylla Hamed in Ghana wants to know the difference between a university and (2) a community college. And Marcelo Porto Nicola in Brazil asks about the difference between an (3) undergraduate degree and a graduate degree.

Undergraduates are students in (4) the first four years of higher education, or what Americans call college. In the United States, that means the (5) four years after twelfth grade.

But the work does not (6) all have to be done at the same college.

For example, a student may (7) first attend a two-year school, also called a community college or (8) junior college. Students who complete a (9) two-year course of study earn an (10) associate degree.

II. Listen and answer the questions

1. Starting at a community college can save a lot of money if students want to go on to a four-year college or a big university.

2. Many four-year schools will accept this work as the first two years toward a bachelor's degree.

3. To earn a bachelor's degree, students usually take general subjects during their first two years.

4. After that they take classes in their major area of study.

5. Students who major in a scientific area receive a bachelor of science degree, known as a B.S.

6. Students in the arts and humanities get a B.A. -- a bachelor of arts.

7. Schools may also offer specialized degrees, like a bachelor of music.

III. Listen and dictate

1. After students have a bachelor's degree, they may go on to earn a graduate degree -- either a master's degree or a doctorate.

2. A master's degree generally takes two to three years of full-time study.

3. A master of business administration, for example, takes about two years to complete.

4. A doctorate can take much longer.

5. It is the highest degree offered in graduate school.

6. Some programs require six years of study or even longer after college.

7. A student may earn a doctor of philosophy degree, known as a PhD, or a professional degree in an area like medicine, law or education.

8. We will talk more about graduate programs later in our series.

Unit 18: PIZZA

I. Listen and fill in the blanks

I eat pizza (1) at least once a week with my roommate. I usually (2) order a large pizza with three toppings: (3) sausage, pepperoni, and green onions, but my roommate doesn't like sausage or green onions, so we usually order a (4) half-and-half pizza. On one half, we order the toppings I like, and on the other half, he asks for (5) mushrooms, bacon, and olives. We both like thick crust, so we can agree on that. Also, we order extra cheese on the pizza. Besides the pizza, we usually order (6) bread sticks and a 2-liter bottle of drink. Some pizza restaurants (7) run weekly specials, so if you buy two pizzas at the (8) regular price, you get the third pizza (9) at a discount. So, if we have pizza (10) leftover from a party, we throw it in the fridge and eat it for the next several days.

Pepperoni: xúc xít hun hói rắc tiêu

Crust: vỏ cứng

Leftover: remained food


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

This morning, I went to the post office to (1) take care of some business. First, I bought a (2) sheet of postage stamps to some mail letters that were sitting on my desk. Then, I wanted to (3) send a package to a business associate with (4) some fragile items, so I packaged everything in (5) bubble wrap and enclosed a letter describing the contents. The man at the counter (6) weighed the box, and I had to (7) fill out a form indicating the contents of the box and its value. Finally, I sent a certified letter to a colleague, and he will have to sign for it when it arrives. (8) Certified letters are used to prove that the other person received it. I also have a number of international friends with whom I correspond regularly. (9) Postage for overseas mail costs more than local postage rates, but you can always cut down on postage by sending a (10) postcard instead of a regular letter.


  1. Before I go on vacation, I always make hotel reservations in advance / so I have a place to stay.
  2. I usually look online for cheap hotels or other accommodations.
  3. Sometimes, I book a nice hotel that has a number of amenities like a swimming pool, exercise room, or kitchenette.
  4. These rooms often come furnished with a microwave oven and a small refrigerator.
  5. If I eat at a restaurant at the hotel, I just have the meal billed to the room and pay for the room charge and meals at the same time.
  6. Other times, I just look for cheap hotels or motels that provide the basic necessities.
  7. If I really want to save money, I reserve a bed at a youth hostel.
  8. The price is cheaper, but I have to share a room with other patrons, which doesn't bother me at all.


I. Listen and answer the questions

  1. I own a wonderful dog,
  2. and I often visit the pet store to pick up some animal supplies.
  3. Because I have a big dog, I have to buy a lot of dog food,
  4. but I also purchase a variety of doggie treats that I use to feed him when I do obedience training.
  5. In other words, I reward my dog with a treat when he follows my commands like "sit" or "roll over."
  6. You can also buy some other items including bones, doggie beds, and toys.
  7. I usually take my dog to the pet store twice a year to get his nails clipped, his ears cleaned, and his teeth checked.
  8. The pet store also sells leashes you can put around the dog's neck
  9. so you can control the dog when you take it for a walk.


I. Listen and fill in the blanks

Looking to improve (1) your language skills, but you don't have the time to (2) go overseas to attend school? More and more universities around the world are (3) offering opportunities for students to obtain degrees online (distance education) from the (4) comfort of their own homes, and many of these (5) institutions are accredited, meaning that they have met (6) certain standards of excellence.

If you decide to take (7) language courses online (or any subject for that matter), be sure to (8) evaluate the benefits of studying online versus going abroad. The advantages of studying online are that the (9) costs are usually lower, you can study (10) at your own pace, and you have (11) access to the materials 24-hours-a-day from almost any computer in the world. However, you won't get the (12) human interaction of meeting people to (13) face to face like you would if you were (14) physically attending a school overseas.

II. Listen and dictate

1. On the other hand, the advantages of going overseas may include day-to-day opportunities to learn a new culture, meet new friends with whom you can use and practice the language, and chances to see different parts of the world.

2. However, there may be a number of disadvantages for some including expense, time away from one's school, family, or work life, and the challenge of adapting to a new culture and way of life.

3. Whatever you do, consider a distance education program that meets your educational needs, is within your budget, and equally important, provides you with opportunities to grow beyond the classroom through cultural and educational activities.


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thay oi ,thay co day toiec khong a.em muon hoc de thi lay bang toeic

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Thay chi day noi va viet luan cua TOEFL va IELTS thoi

bi said...

Good evening teacher!Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

thay oi, thay post tiep bai tapescript for A109 di thay. (U 10, 11, 12, 13)
e cam on thay.

Cầu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Đức said...

Thay post tiep bai tapescript for A109 di thay: u 16,17,18...
Cam on Thay!

Anonymous said...

dear teacher!
i do not know if i do not know how to use label "listening", or there is any problem in this label because i cannot listen to them. please explain to me.
your old student!

dungtran said...

happy teacher's day! em chúc thầy luôn vui và hạnh phúc!

Anonymous said...

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