Tuesday, October 21, 2008



nvth said...

thay cho e xin bai nghe 22.

Anonymous said...

Form now on, Nancy won't contact u like before but i still love & hope that u keep ur way

Anonymous said...

of duoc phien am la /əv/ hay / əf / vay thay?
em doc bai nghe 21 cua thay thay /əf /, khac voi cach phien am cua dictionary. Thay giai thich giup e nhe !


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hong Anh!
I am a newcomer of your class. I couldn't find the listenning book... Could you please send me the listenning file of topic 21, 22? (please email to me at tanphu@gmail.com).

Many thanks!


nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Cac ban gui mail de lay file nghe.

/əf / trong sach khong phai la phien am ma la giam am (sound reduction)

Anonymous said...

nhung khi phat am mot tu nao do phai dua vao phiem am de doc, dung k thay? vay phai doc la /əv/ instead of /əf/? e van chua clear cho nay lam, thay giai thich hộ e nhé, thanks thay nhieu

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

That's right.