Monday, May 12, 2008

Sing To learn


Once there were green fields kissed by sun.
There were the valleys where rivers used to run.
Once there were blue skied with white clouds high above.
Once there were parts of an everlasting love.
We were the lovers who strolled through green fields.

Green fields are gone now parched by the sun.
Gone from the valleys where rivers used to run.
Gone with the cold wind that swept into my heart.
Gone with the lovers who let their dreams depart.
Where are the green fields that we used to roam?

* I never know what made you run away.
How can I keep searching when dark clouds hide the day.
I only know there’s nothing here for me.
Nothing in this wide world left for me to see.

But I’ll keep on waiting till you return.
I’ll keep on waiting until the day you learn.
You can’t be happy while your heart’s on the roam.
You can’t be happy until you bring it home.
Home to the green fields and we once again.


Vietnamese Translation

By Nguyen Hong Anh

1. Language
- used to: diễn tả một sự việc xảy ra trong quá khứ, giờ đây không còn nữa.
- once: thường đi với used to để diễn tả ý nghĩa đã từng.
- Where there were valleys when rivers used to run: Diễn tả sự tiếc nuối về những thung lũng nơi từng có những con song hiền hòa chảy qua.
- to be gone; to have gone: đã ra đi
- To keep on doing; to keep doing không ngừng làm việc gì

2. Bài dịch tham khảo

Xưa kia chính ở nơi này
Mặt trời ấm áp hôn ngàn cỏ cây
Dòng sông từng chày qua đây
Bên thung lũng nhỏ trời mây ngút ngàn
Đồng xanh chứng kiến muôn vàn
Những đôi trai gái bên đàng yêu nhau.

Giờ đây lòng thấy nhói đau
Đồng xanh đã mất sông sâu đâu còn
Thung lũng kia cũng xói mòn
Như cơn gió lạnh xiết toàn tâm cang.
Chỉ còn ánh nắng chói chang
Bao đôi trai gái lỡ làng tình duyên.

Đâu rồi những phút thiêng liêng
Đồng xanh chứng nhận tình riêng chúng mình
Giờ đây anh vẫn không tin
Điều chi ngăn cản mối tình đôi ta.
Anh không tìm được lối ra
Khi bao giông tố mưa sa trên đời
Che đi bao ánh mặt trời
Để ta cứ mãi muôn đời mất nhau.

Bây giờ anh phải làm sao
Trong một thế giới quá bao la này?
Anh tin rồi có một ngày
Chúng ta lại sẽ sum vầy bên nhau
Quên đi bao nỗi sầu đau
Cùng chung ước nguyện bên nhau trọn đời

Đồng xanh giờ hóa tuyệt vời
Đón đôi trai gái suốt đời bên nhau.


Anonymous said...

Hi teacher, You are a loverly teacher so many people like you. No one can leave you.

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Thank you

bibi said...

Hi thay,

cau truc cau la qua, e ko hieu thay oi, thay explain giup e voi nhe.
o cau 2&3 co phai la hinh thuc rut gon cua relative Clause ko t? pls help me. Thanx!
1/ the course TO BE TAUGHT are listed in the catalog.

2/ the work FINISHED, he left the office

3/ the manager ENTERING the office, they all stood up.

nguyenhonganhtesol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VitBau said...

Hi teacher,

I don't understand the first sentence. Why do we use "TO BE TAUGHT" in this sentence.

In the third sentence, why is the the verb ENTERING? I think the correct is "was entering"

In the second sentence. I think this is a compound sentence, so we need a conjuntion to connect this sentences. The correct one is "The work finished, and then he left the office"

Can you explain more about this?

nguyenhonganhtesol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nguyenhonganhtesol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A good translation.

Nicholas King said...

My dear teacher,

My name is Manh Tuan, I was your old student in The Youth Foreign Language School in 2008. It is so pity when I just could study a few months, I had to move to Nha Trang for my business.

This is the first time I visit your blog. Wow! how a useful English blog that I have never met! I visit your blog because I miss the way that you taught me English, so special, that helped me a lot in my current business. Studying with your method made me have more confidence when talking. Especially, the most thing which I always remember that is "ce, s, t, d, k" at the final of every word. hehe I still cannot be good at Rhythm and intonation! But I can talk pretty fluently ^.^!

Just a few months, you could help me improve my English (in listening and speaking), you are the best English teacher who I've ever met, thank you very much Mr. Hong Anh!

Kind regards!

nguyenhonganhtesol said...

Thank You

Ha Phi Thuong said...

híc sao mình may mắn quá,gặp đúng blog cần gặp :))

Anonymous said...

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